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Expect a full spectrum testing of your eyes with every exam. This includes a comprehensive exam, photos, glaucoma testing and eyewear prescriptions. Most single vision orders can be done the same day with our on-site lab if we have your perscription lenses in stock.

We are located on Coburg Road, across from the Oakway Shopping Center, next to See's Candies and Shutterbug .

• A patient and understanding staff

• Modern  equipment for a comprehensive exam

• Eyeglasses, frames and lenses

• Retinal photos

Come to us for:

• Vision is worsening

• Prescription is no longer helping  

• Blurry vision

• Squinting or headaches


Signs you need an eye exam:

If you notice that you’re just not focusing as well as you used to, or that there is an issue with your current prescription, don’t delay on scheduling an eye exam to get your vision back to where it needs to be.

Trust your eyes

Come in for an eye exam

Female patient having eye test at the optometrist.

• Eyeglasses exams

• Previous contact lens wearer exams *

• On-site lab

* Additional fees apply

We conduct: