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The most important aspect of your glasses is the lenses. Make sure you have the correct prescription to optimize your vision. Get the quality lenses that can hold up to your activity level and lifestyle.

We carry many single vision lenses in stock and can complete many orders within the same business day.

• Anti-reflective coatings

• Drill mounts

• Flat top bifocal

• Flat top trifocal

• High index lenses

We offer:

• Polarized lenses

• Polycarbonate lenses

• Progressive lenses

• Scratch-resistant coatings

• Transition lenses

To get the right fit for your lenses, you will first get an appointment with Dr. Steve Jung, OD. If you have concerns about your vision now, make sure to mention it during your exam.

Find the right fit

Get the lenses that are right for you

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